Snowflake Plunge Cutter Medium

Snowflake Plunge Cutter Medium


  • £385

These cutters are ideal for use with a range of edible and non-edible materials including: sugarpaste, petal paste, marzipan or craft clays. Creates 'simple to make' snowflakes! The embossed design aids decoration. You can use dusting, lustre or glitter powders to decorate. Full instructions included.

PME Sugarcraft Snowflake Plunger 

Create beautiful sugar snowflakes for your displays and celebration cakes with this specially designed plunger cutter.

This plunger cutter creates a 40mm tall leaf with an embossed veining pattern.
Plunger Cutters will easily cut, emboss and then eject the cut item from the tool.

Roll out your paste, cut the snowflake shape without pressing the plunger. Press down to emboss the veins, then lift from the board and use plunger to eject the cut shape. For a realistic snowflake smooth the edges with the PME ball tool or Dogbone tool.
PME is renowned amongst the sugar craft world for their quality and reliability, making them easy to work with time after time.
All items are new and in sealed packaging.

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