JEM Cake & Cupcake Decorative Steel Piping Nozzles


  • £325

JEM Nozzles
A selection of the best selling nozzles, for all your cake and decorating needs
All nozzles Stainless steal, seemless 
Best Quality
The top No 1M Open Star Nozzle & &
The top No 2D Drop flower Nozzle, for those perfect roses
No 233 Small Grass
No 235 Large Grass
No 69 Leaf Nozzle
No 113 Leaf Nozzle
No 27 Closed Star
No 35 Closed Star
No 97 Medium Petal
No 104 Medium Petal
No 121 Medium Petal
No 232 Cake Filler
No 1 Round Nozzle
No 3 Round Nozzle
No 5 Round Nozzle
No 2R Round Savoy
No 18 Open Star
No 22 Open Star
No 2ES Medium Fine Star
No 172 Fine Tooth Star
No 107 Drop Flower
No 47 Smooth Basket Weave

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