Cute Chick Cake

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A perfect cake for a small child's birthday or as a bright Easter treat.

For the cakes, 

6 eggs

375g (12oz) Self raising flour

185g (6oz) Plain flour

375g (12oz) butter/soft margarine

315g (10oz) Caster sugar


You will need:

  • 1 x 2 litre (4 pint) &

           1 x 0.5 litre (1 pint) bowl shaped cakes.


  • Large Rolling pin
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cake Smoother

Useful tip

When a large piece of fondant is rolled out, lift by folding over the rolling pin, before lifting.

  1. Using icing sugar or cornflour to prevent sticking, roll out 12oz green icing and cover the cake board, trimming the excess from around the edge. Set aside to dry. 
  2. Trim the crust from the cake, keeping the rounded top on each where the cakes have risen. Cut two layers in the large cake and one layer in the smaller cake. Sandwich both cakes back together with buttercream.
  3. Turn each cake upside down (the cakes are decorated this way up) and spread with a layer of buttercream to help the fondant stick.                        
  4. Using a small amount 30g (1oz) pad the top of the smaller cake to heighten the top of the head.                         
  5. Roll out 625g (1.1/4lb of yellow fondant and cover the larger cakes completely, smoothing around the shape and tucking the fondant underneath. 
  6. Roll out 375g (12oz) of more yellow fondant and cover the smaller cake in the same way.
  7. position the cakes on the board with the smaller cake on top, using the edible glue to secure them in place. Smooth the surface of both cakes with a cake smoother.
  8. For the wings, roll six long teardrop shapes of yellow fondant. Stick three on to each side of the chicks body, graduating down in size and curving up around the back.
  9. Model three smaller yellow teardrop shapes for the tail and three teardrop shapes for the hair tuft. Stick these pieces in place, curling up the points.
  10. Split some orange fondant into three equal sized pieces. From two pieces, shape two ovals, pinching four times along the top of each to make webbed feet as in the photo. Stick into position pressing the centre of each indent.   
  11. Roll a sausage with the remaining orange fondant, then roll on either side of the centre to creat dips to shape the beak. Stick on the chicks face, just below half-way.
  12. Finally make the two oval shaped eyes by rolling two small balls of black fondant, stick in place in the centre of the face, quite close together, securing with a little sugar glue.




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