Welcome to Linzi Marie Cake Supplies

Posted by Linzi Cosby on

Hi and welcome to my new online shop.

My name is Linzi and i have been baking cakes for about 6 years now, I started off as a normal mum, making the usual kids birthday cakes and found i thoroughly enjoyed it!  I like having the peace and quiet to go into my own place and design and make a cake to make people smile.

I moved on to making cakes for friends and family and it just grew from there, to where I was making cakes and cupcakes for local cafes' and coffee shops, then also a local bakery.

I have always loved and still do the look on someone's face when their birthday, wedding or special cake is revealed to them and they walk away totally happy and filled with the same excitement i just had, to show their friend and family.

BUT... when someone asked me for a cake my first thought would always be, 'where can i source the needed equipment' for this cake, so when the opportunity arose for a small unit, i took the jump and opened up with the help of my mum 'Yvonne', my own small retail shop. Having already grown my Linzi Marie Cake business, i followed it with the same name, thus Opening in May 2014 Linzi Marie Cake Supplies.

Totally new to all this, i am taking it one step at a time and learning as i go.

It quickly became apparent tho that a lot of my customers wanted items posted to them, so i opened an ebay shop, which has grown from strength to strength.  I am not naive tho, i understood that not everyone actually uses ebay, so i have by myself, learnt and opened this on-line shop.

Please bare with me as i continue to add more and more products, but if i haven't yet got the item you need please feel free to email me Linzimariecakes@ntlworld.com and if i can, i will try and source your requirements.


Thanks Linzi :)